Sunshine on the Journey

I’d like to introduce and endorse the blog written by my enchanting wife, Lucy: Sunshine on the Journey.

She writes eloquently about motherhood, family and self-worth. Do pay it a visit. In her own words:

Welcome to Sunshine on the Journey. This is a collection of my thoughts, feelings and general ramblings. My name means ‘light’ and sunshine has always been important to me. Everything feels better on a sunny day and when the sun shines on me I feel right and well and whole.

I began writing a few years ago, when I had the opportunity to sit in the sun on weekend mornings and let my mind wander. I wrote about life, about being married, about my faith in God, and the lessons I was learning. I wrote about the journey. It wasn’t always sunny, but behind the rain the sun is still shining even though we can’t see or feel it, and behind everything God remains strong and faithful whatever I might feel about it.

I’m a wife, mother, and daughter of God, and I want to share my thoughts and experiences. Pre-baby I was a bit of a stepford housewife living in Cambridge with my husband. If I get the chance I like to sew, bake, and dance (and hope no one’s watching). I’m blessed to be married to my best friend and we have a cheeky little hitchhiker who takes up a lot of my time. I love God, my family, and cake because it just wants to make me happy.

I’m learning lessons, meeting new people, and enjoying the sunshine on the journey. I hope you enjoy it too.