Being Who I Want Them To Be

Parenting, I’ve realised, goes beyond teaching, hoping and disciplining – it’s a whole-life imitation game. It’s not just something I do on top of everything else, it’s interwoven with everything that I do. It’s not something I can do on the side, it’s an all-consuming vocation. Being a good parent goes far beyond thinking, speaking and even doing into being. I’ve got to be who I want them to be.
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Please Stay

Please Stay

Why do we always rush on to something else? Why is the next thing so pressing that it intrudes on the current thing? Life is so busy and it makes so many demands on us. Maybe you’re like me and try to squeeze too much into too few hours. Up to a point you can be efficient and productive, but after that you’re just cramming. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that a lot of things done poorly is much worse than a few things done really well. Even good things can become a hindrance when we try and do too much. Continue reading Please Stay