Who I Am

Hello and welcome to my blog, MJH Musings. My name is Michael, a writer and wordsmith from Cambridge, England. I’m a published novelist of fantasy adventure stories (follow @worldofastrom on social media), a keen traveller and lover of mountains.

But my foremost passion is God’s Word, the Bible. Although I also blog about current affairs and parenting from time to time, this blog is mainly an exploration of the Bible and the wisdom and encouragement it gives us for daily life. I love making the Bible accessible to people, and I hope that what I write inspires and builds up those who read it.

I often do blog-series, which you can navigate to in the menu on the right-hand side. At the moment I’m writing a daily Coronavirus blog to offer Biblical hope during the current pandemic, but also a once-a-week walk through the Book of Numbers. If you want to follow either, I’ve now made it easier for you to find them.

If you enjoy this blog, please let me know – feedback is always nice. You can subscribe by email or at MJH Musings on Facebook to never miss a post. Likewise, if you’ve been touched or inspired by any of the posts, please share them online and encourage others to read them too. Thank you, and God bless.


In Pembroke College, Cambridge (photo by Phil Hearing)

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