Ephesians Day 23: Don’t Live Wondering

Ephesians Day 23: Don’t Live Wondering

…find out what pleases the Lord…understand what the Lord’s will is.” (5:10, 17)


Most of us will be familiar with the phrase ‘don’t die wondering’. As a prompt to seize the moment and go for it it’s not a bad message, but what’s even better is the message of Ephesians: Don’t Live Wondering.


The whole letter encourages us to go for it with God and to live wholeheartedly for Him in our spiritual lives and in our relationships. In chapter 5 verses 10 and 17 go together, even though they’re separated. They both challenge us to be proactive with God.


‘Find out what pleases the Lord…understand what the Lord’s will is.’ Do you know what pleases the Lord? Do you understand what His will is? If you don’t…find out. The answers to these questions lie in God’s word, in the Bible, so start looking.


But it doesn’t stop with reading the Bible. Not everyone finds that easy and even those for whom reading is second nature the message might not always be clear. That’s where prayer comes in. Pray for God to reveal His will to you and to show you what He wants. Seek Him. How will we find out if we don’t ask, and, more than that, if we don’t listen to the reply. Life is too busy and too full of all the noise of a fast-paced, intrusive digital world for us to be anything other than deliberate and zealous in seeking God. We must prioritise time with Him, time to be quiet enough to let His voice reach us through the frenzy of life.


But as we read, as we pray, as we listen, we’ll hear His voice. He is faithful and will be found by those who seek Him earnestly (Jeremiah 29:13). Don’t live wondering – find out what God wants for your life and then embrace it with everything you’ve got.


To take away: How can you clear more space in your life to seek God? What can you do today, and in the coming week, to find out what pleases Him, and to understand His will?




This is the 23rd post in a 31-day walk through Ephesians. I’d love for you to join me in exploring this amazing book of the Bible for the rest of the month of May. Every day you’ll find a new post with fresh encouragement from God’s word. I hope this series blesses you, and if it does, please share it with others. Thank you.

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