Ephesians Day 22: Darkness > Light

Ephesians Day 22: Darkness > Light.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.” (5:8)


Darkness into light is one of the great themes and motifs of the Bible. Here in Ephesians we see more on that same theme: “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.” Notice there’s no preposition. It doesn’t say ‘you were in darkness’ or that ‘you are full of light’. No, it says ‘you were darkness…you are light.’


This is talking about something fundamental in our makeup, our character, our identity. We were darkness. It didn’t get imposed on us or affect only our outward appearance. No, we were darkness. Through our own choices we became darkness, rejecting the light of God and going our own way in selfishness, greed and immorality.


Equally stark is the statement that ‘now you are light’. Again, we’re not in the light, under the light, part of the light or near the light. We are light. It’s who we are, an inalienable part of our new identity. This goes so much deeper than we think. Jesus doesn’t do cosmetic retouching or whitewashes, He brings about total transformation from the inside out. In His grace, and through faith, we have exchanged innate darkness for intrinsic light. It’s not just a little step of progress along some ethical continuum, but a wholesale change of identity, disposition and destiny.


And while we might be wholly responsible for the darkness we were in, we can’t claim any credit for the light. It says ‘you are light in the Lord’. We are only light because of Jesus. There’s no room for boasting or complacency here. For all of chapter 4 Paul has been unpacking what it means to live as a child of the light, and after this incredible statement he continues to explore what it should look like.


Our past is darker than we realise, but our future is brighter than we can imagine. Let’s live wholeheartedly for God now in the present in-between.


To take away: Take some time to reflect on the transformation God has wrought in you. Do you thank Him enough?




This is the 22nd post in a 31-day walk through Ephesians. I’d love for you to join me in exploring this amazing book of the Bible for the rest of the month of May. Every day you’ll find a new post with fresh encouragement from God’s word. I hope this series blesses you, and if it does, please share it with others. Thank you.

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