I See

Do you ever feel invisible, like what you do doesn’t matter? That you’re not noticed or appreciated for what you do? That’s a bit how I felt a little while ago, and I want to tell you what God said to me in that place. He said,

I see. I’ve noticed. I care. And I will reward you.

God really caught up with me one night and I felt Him speak these words very clearly to me, like word art emblazoned across the canopy of my mind. And, boy, were those the exact words I needed to hear. Because I’d been feeling invisible, un-noticed and unappreciated. I felt taken for granted and that my efforts weren’t valued. Why try harder and put in all the extra effort if that’s the case? If that’s where you are right now, then I believe God wants to say the same thing to you. He notices. He sees every little thing you do, the little kindnesses, the time you put in, the extra mile you went. He sees, He notices, and He appreciates. And it gladdens His heart. He’s watching us with loving eyes, even when we think no one else sees us.

Craig Groeschel of Life Church in Oklahoma said something similar at last year’s Global Leadership Summit. He said the two most important things for a leaders to say are ‘I’ve noticed’ and ‘you matter’. Do you need someone to say that to you right now? Start with God. Turn your ear to Him, and you’ll hear it sure enough. Or on the flip side, is there anyone in your life who really needs to hear these words from you? Saying them is easy, but hearing them could be the difference between carrying on or giving up.

I’m reminded of Hagar in the desert after she’d been kicked out by Sarai. In Genesis 16:7 it says that ‘The angel of the Lord found Hagar’. I believe this was Jesus, because the angel of the Lord, as opposed to an angel, in the Old Testament usually signifies someone of special status who speaks with God’s voice and authority. Hagar didn’t go looking for God – she was an Egyptian and probably didn’t even know Him – but He found her. Jesus seeks us out and finds us. He sees our need and He speaks over us the words we need to hear. That’s what He did for Hagar in verses 9-12. She received words of prophecy, of direction, reassurance and promise for the future.

God sees our need, and He meets it, even if no one else will.

I’m also reminded of the bitter words spoken by the prophet Isaiah at the beginning of chapter 49. ‘I have laboured in vain; I have spent my strength for nothing at all.’ (49:4). Here is a man who feels unappreciated and like he’s getting nowhere. Can you relate? I can. God sees our efforts, and He both validates and resolves our frustrations. Don’t hold the bitter words back, but save them for God. He can take them. He knows how you’re feeling and wants you to be real with Him. But, like Isaiah, He also wants you to trust Him, and to take comfort in Him. With Isaiah we can say that ‘what is due me is in the Lord’s hand, my reward is with my God.’ What God wants to give us no one else can take away, and whatever anyone else fails to give us that should have been ours, God will make good. God will not fail to reward us. As Jesus said, ‘whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ He’s blessed by every good thing that we do, whomever it is for in the first instance. He values your efforts, so don’t spare them. If others are stingy in their recognition or remuneration, God isn’t. Your worth resides in His heart, not in how much you earn or what others say about you.

Turn your face to God. Fix your eyes on Him (Hebrews 12:2). Pay attention to Him and Him alone. Ignore all the other words spoken over you; it’s only His that count. Listen to these words. Speak them slowly and let them sink in, because God is saying this to every single person who walks in His ways.

I see. I’ve noticed. I care. And I will reward you.

And that includes you. Claim them for yourself. And live in the peace and freedom that they bring.

3 thoughts on “I See

  1. Indeed, I have felt this way before and it messed with my mental health so badly 😦 this was a few years ago. I’m stronger now but I found your post to be very uplifting and encouraging!! I hope the people who need these words of yours come by your post !! I’d love to connect with you here in the blogging world! Here’s my latest post whenever you get the chance to read 🙂 I’d love to have your positive company over there!

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