Job Round-Up

Job Round-Up.

I’ve now finished my blog-series on the book of Job. Following on from Genesis it is the second book I’ve tackled in a chronological walk through the Bible. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and been pleasantly surprised by how much variety there is and how many interesting nuggets. It’s a long book often shunned as boring, repetitive or simply being one long pity party, but in fact it’s full of things to challenge us and equip us for modern life. For me it’s brought out questions of faith, relationships and perspective. It has much to say about perseverance, suffering and prosperity, or the lack thereof. This post is a round-up so that you can catch up on anything you’ve missed. If you’re starting here, why not use the links below to read the whole thing, or just a post or two? Enjoy, and watch out for my Exodus series planned for later in the year.


  1. Accuser vs. Mediator (Job 1)


In the court-room of heaven Satan is our accuser but Jesus is our justifier – make sure you have the latter to dismiss the former.


  1. Blessed be the Name of the Lord (Job 1)


Worship in the hard times is a costly sacrifice, but it keeps us close to God.


  1. Solidarity (Job 2)


When things go wrong you don’t have to try and fix it straightaway; sometimes all a friend needs is solidarity and a shoulder to cry on.


  1. Blameless Sinner (Job 9)


Those who are in Jesus are blameless sinners, a long way short of perfection but perfectly free of blame in God’s eyes.


  1. Having a Point but Missing the Point (Job 11)


It’s possible to be technically right but situationally wrong – we all need Godly discernment to know how to apply truth in different situations.


  1. Where Words Fail (Job 13)


Jesus makes all the difference. When words fail, He paves a way to the answer.


  1. Hoping in God (Job 13)


Even at life’s hardest, hope in God will never be put to shame.


  1. Sins Covered (Job 14)


There’s no time so dark nor doubts so fundamental that God’s hope and salvation can’t reach us.


  1. Good & Evil (Job 15-21)


There’s no easy equation between sin and suffering – the only constants are God’s love and God’s justice.


  1. Jesus in Job (Job 16 & 19)


He didn’t know Jesus’ name, but take it from Job: our redeemer lives.


  1. The Prosperity Gospel (Job 22)


Right and wrong is not always clear-cut – we must seek God’s wisdom for how to apply truth with grace.


  1. Problems of Perspective (Job 23)


More of God, less of us: let His perspective transform your situation.


  1. Refined like Gold (Job 23)


Pruning for the plant, refining for the gold, sanctifying for us: God shapes and improves what He loves.


  1. Purely Rhetorical (Job 25)


Forget self-betterment – Jesus is the only perfection you’ll ever need.


  1. A Covenant with my eyes (Job 31)


Purity for men has never been harder, but God’s grace makes a way.


  1. The Poetry of Creation (Job 38-41)


Epic poetry shows us just one facet of Creator and creation, but it sure is awesome.


  1. God’s Perspective (Job 38-41)


When God speaks all we can do is listen, and marvel, even if our questions don’t get answered.


  1. Happily Ever After? (Job 42)


Repentance precedes the blessing; faith activates the blessing.



Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts, tell others, and come back soon.

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