Seven from Seven (part 4)

Seven from Seven (part 4)

If you missed part 1 and are wondering what this is all about you can read it here. If you want to read the parts in order, click here for part 2 and part 3 also. Basically in the year that Lucy and I are celebrating seven years of marriage I’m sharing seven things we’ve learned in those years. Not to brag, not to show off, not to pretend we’re perfect, just to talk about some things that have helped us and that will help to build our marriage further in the years to come. I’ve broken it into 7 parts so it’s not too much to read at any one time. Parts 1 -3 were published over the last few nights, here’s part 4, and parts 5-7 will follow over the next few nights.

The first lesson was: we’re not perfect and that we shouldn’t expect too much of each other.

The second lesson was: we’re not God.

The third lesson was: not to go to bed angry.

The fourth lesson is: we’ve learnt that love is sacrificial. Love is not just a warm fuzzy feeling or intoxicating passions, love is anything and everything we do each day to bless the other. It is sacrificial in the sense that you have to give up your right to be number 1, taking all the decisions yourself and getting your way all the time. It means sacrificing your right to be right or to hang onto grievances, all for the sake of long-term unity. True love is shown when someone is willing to sacrifice something for the other, demonstrating in countless on-going decisions that that person and the marriage is more valuable than the thing being sacrificed. For God that extended even to His own Son, His sacrifice of Jesus being the greatest expression of love ever made. Our sacrifices, big and small, are an echo of that ultimate love.

Come back tomorrow for part 5…

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